Our Residential Guide to Finding the Best Window Cleaning Johnson City, TN Has To Offer

Our Residential Guide to Finding the Best Window Cleaning Johnson City, TN Has To Offer

Here in Johnson City and surrounding areas – there are plenty of opportunities for your home and its windows to become a little dirty or building up grime.  For example, though we are blessed to be surrounding by the beautiful Buffalo Mountain and Roan Mountain, we can always expect dust and pollen to blow in from all over – not only irritating allergies, but giving your windows in your home a dirty tint. Let’s not forget that we are lucky enough to experience all four seasons, rather dramatically at times:

  • Spring time equals rain time and rain can causing spotting on dirty windows (which is why we off our “Rapid Rain” Guarantee)
  • Summer is hot, the tree are blooming and that means the occasional tree sap makes it way to our windows and leaves them sticky
  • When it’s “Fall Y’all” – the seasons all mingle together for a gumbo of dust and grime for windows and for you gutters
  • Winter brings moisture and the good ole’ road salt trucks, which turns into an airborne powder from the vehicles driving over it. Even this dust settles on your windows (your windows never get a break!)

Not only are dirty windows a sore on the eyes and a damper to your home’s curb appeal, but they can be a nuisance to both you and your home. That’s right – your home. Regular cleanings will remove all of these nasty, little contaminants and extend the lifespan of your windows.

That means – a happy home.

Luckily, our growing city is home to several window cleaning services. These services range from larger, franchised companies following national direction to smaller, locally-owned window cleaning services that aim to offer you the same quality, with a personal touch. With plenty of options to choose from, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, especially if they want to establish a long-term relationship with the company.

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So, the question of the day becomes — How do you get started with finding the best window cleaning Johnson City, TN has to offer? To find the window cleaning service that will be a match made in heaven for you, there are several factors that go into the decision-making process. To help you narrow down the list of companies in your area, we have come up with a set of questions you should ask yourself before picking up the phone. Go ahead – take a seat, grab a pen and paper and prepare to transform your windows into the cleanest they have been in a long time.

Assess Your Long-Term Goals

The very first thing you want to decide is if you want to establish an on-going relationship with a window cleaning service. There are two types of services you want to keep in mind:

  • Some businesses are better set up to only keep a budget in mind
  • Others pride themselves in their quality and long-term relationship with you

If you contact a window cleaning service, with no emphasis on the long-term relationship – you may wind up with a company that only checks the box for a “budget-friendly” service. They may arrive, clean a few windows quickly, and then leave. Keep in mind that running a business involves costs. Avoid being overwhelmed by confirming that these “budget-friendly” services have items such as proper equipment, insurance to cover their work and more!

On the other hand, this is for your home – the home that you take pride in and may like to maintain all year long. Since this is the case, it’s always in your best interest to find a company that always put you first as a customer and offers a quality service. If you are someone who values their home and wishes to get it cleaned on a schedule, reliability is a must.

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Of course, you can change the frequency as you need it. It is common to have a window cleaner come two times a year, but sometimes you want that extra shine for the holidays or those times where you want to host family and friends.

Set Up a Budget

Not all of the window cleaning services in Johnson City TN are cheap. Since pricing should never be the driving factor, you should always do your pricing research. Be prepared to pay for the services you want.

Sit down and create a budget. Whether you are the head of your household or in charge of a managing the office grounds, the person making the final decision should know where they stand financially. Also, keep in mind that many window cleaning service may have additional charges or hidden fees (Our Pricing). It’s always a great idea to take a look at any fine print before you sign your name on the contract.

Take, for instance, window cleaning companies A and B:

  • Window Cleaning Company A may charge you a package price that includes all multiple services includes of cleaning your windows (such as the window cleaning itself, wiping your sills and tracks, and cleanings your screens. This one price is take it or leave and leaves you with no options.
  • Window Cleaning Company B, meanwhile, only charges on the services you want. They offer an “a la carte” experience that allows you to pick and choose each service separately, giving you full control of both your window cleaning and staying within your budget.

For people looking to establish a long-term relationship, with routine cleanings, there’s always an opportunity to get a great deal by entering into a contract with the window cleaning service. These services want your businesses, especially in today’s economy that has meant many people are letting go of their window cleaners. It never hurts to ask if you will get a special rate if you use their service more than once a year.

Compile Reviews

Most of the hard work is now done. Now that you have narrowed your search for window cleaning services, it’s time to start take the last lap – compiling references.

There are plenty of ways to find out the quality and workmanship of the companies in your area. A fast and reliable method is to talk with somebody else who has had their windows cleaned in the past and ask for their honest review. Referrals from friends and families are one of the most popular ways that most people find out about. Typically, overhearing about the job the window cleaners did during a lunch break or a small neighborhood gathering, and it’s likely to pique your interest. It’s also good news for you as it is also a good way to see a cleaner’s work for yourself since you may have the ability to see the windows that they have cleaned.

After a referral from a friend or family, the wonderful world of the “the Internet” is your next best bet. The Internet is especially great to look for review when you’re interested in a window cleaning but do not know anyone that has used had theirs done. There are tons of options to look for review, including but not limited to: Google, Facebook, Yelp, Thumbtack, HomeAdvisor and plenty more of websites that compile both positive and negative reviews of your local window cleaning services.

Always read reviews thoroughly. Keep an eye on the ones that show focus on the good and the bad things about a company. These reviews, the non-biased, that show both sides of the company, tend to be more reliable and honest. Also, never discredit a bad review. There are things in a company that one person may not have been fond of that you are looking for. For example, maybe somebody didn’t like the fact that a service did not use an all-natural cleaner, but you don’t care about that if it means a cheaper clean.

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In the end, reviews are important – whether you personally know a friend or family member that has used the company before or you rely on the feedback of the Internet.

Get Started Today

Having a window cleaning service in Johnson City come to your home and take over your window cleaning for you can be a huge time saver. This is quality time that you can spend with your family or simply finish up a few errands that you’ve been needing to do. Getting your windows cleaned is not necessarily the hard, but narrowing down the right company out of the many available can be quite the chore.

Now that you’ve began the journey of researching the perfect company, you will be able to find a perfect business for you and your home in no time. Simply, figure out the scope of which windows you would like to be cleaned. Then put together a decent budget to see which company can fit your financial needs. Once you have narrowed down your list of window cleaners, start getting references and read any reviews you find online. Also, don’t forget to talk family, friends and co-workers to get a few personal references as well.

A locally-run business is a great way to start an on-going relationship for a quality, window cleaning service. Not only that, but your home or business will instantly have an increased curb appeal, as well as giving you’re a clear, beautiful view to enjoy. It’s worth the reward of the time and effort you put into some decent research. We wish you good luck, and may you find the perfect window cleaning service to help you and your windows in a time of need.

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