How much will my window cleaning cost?

How Much Will
My Window Cleaning Cost?

The question every clients wants to know.

It’s no secret that we frequently receive calls with new clients asking – “How much will it cost to clean my windows?”

Unfortunately, it’s tough to give a direct answer because there are so many things that get factored here. Here are just a few questions that’s running through our minds when we’re working to give you the most affordable estimate:

  1. Is it a single story or two-story?
  2. Do you want the insides cleaned? Outside only? Both?
  3. Will we have to climb on the roof?
  4. When were the window last cleaned?
  5. Are there screens on the window? If so, do you you want them cleaned?
  6. How large are the windows? Small, medium, varied sizes?
  7. Are there any obstructions when working on the inside (dressers, beds, etc)
  8. Are there any trees / shrubs that block us from reaching the window?
  9. Do we need to use a ladder?
  10. Do you have any skylights?
  11. Is there any tint on the windows? If so, what kind of tint is on them?

And this is just a partial list. There’s still plenty of more questions our cleaners work to understand your home and its needs. This is why is it hard for us to easily give a what most people want — a simple, “do you charge by window” price.

Because there are so many variables that can go into window cleaning, we always provide FREE estimates, both over the phone and on-site. This lets you determine if it makes sense for your and your home before committing.

Why is cleaning your windows important?

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