How much is Gutter Cleaning in Johnson City

How much is Gutter Cleaning
in Johnson City, TN?

Whether it’s raining, snowing, or even hailing — al the water that lands on top of your home has to go somewhere. If this water is not directed away from your home, it can cause issue for a homeowner. The water can begin to seep into the roof or even the walls of your home and cause structural damage.

It’s for this exact reason — homeowners have gutters.

They are important to keeping your home dry and free from any water damage. They are responsible for keep water away from your home, funneling it through into downspouts, and eventually to the ground.

However, for gutters to do their job properly — they should be cleaned at least twice a year, preferably in the fall and spring. This helps remove the dirt and debris this takes places during the season. Debris such as fallen leaves and twigs can quickly block a gutter system, causing issues.

How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

Ever wonder if the gutter cleaning company in Johnson City is giving you a fair deal on their gutter cleaning prices?

On average, in Johnson City, a typically gutter cleaning costs between $100 and $300. Although, this price will depend on the size (and height) of your home and how often you have the cleanings performed.

Keep reading to see a breakdown on different pricing models you may come across for gutter cleaning in Johnson City, TN. It can be more affordable than you would think!

Two Methods of Gutter Cleaning Pricing

Linear Method

A very traditional method – the “Linear” method involves calculating a price based on the how many stories your home is and the total length of gutters.

  • Example: A company might charge $1 per foot of gutters on a single-story home and charge $2 per foot of gutters on a two-story home.

Square-footage Method

Can you guess how the prices are calculated here? If a company is charging gutter cleaning based on square-footage, then it can be a more straight-forward estimate. A quick, rule of thumb is to estimate the total square-footage or your home and multiple it by:

  • $0.11 for a single-story home
  • $0.25 for a two-story home

Following this method, maybe you’ll end up with pricing similar to below:

  • Single-story (1,500 square-foot) – $70 – $200
  • Single-story (2,000 square-foot) – $95 – $225
  • Two-story (2,500 square-foot) –

** Keep in mind that using a square foot pricing formula is just a “rule of thumb”. It’s not meant to an accurate estimate or reflective of the current market in our area.

Common Reasons the Pricing May Hike

There may be times where you need to pay a little extra. Here are a few scenarios that may bump up the price:

  1. A three-story home – to properly do a gutter cleaning job — and safely — the price bump reflects the need to additional equipment, such as a taller ladder. At these heights, it’s always recommended to have a second worker to help support.
  2. Landscaping – trees and larger bushes can sometimes intervene a workers ability to safely access the gutters. This may be accounted for in your gutter cleaning prices, as there is more time involved to safely maneuver and setup ladders to avoid obstacles.
  3. Clogged downspouts – if a home’s downspouts are severely clogged, this will involve additional time. It’s important to do the job thoroughly and the downspouts play a huge role in assisting the gutters.

Why Hire a Professional?

It’s easy to find individuals that are willing to make some honest money by offering gutter cleanings. Many of these individuals are well qualified and have the experience, but how do you sift through all of these candidates?

Pricing is not the answer. There will be several individuals and plenty of local business that are going to be cheap, and while that may be enticing — it can also speak volumes of the service you will receive.

When gutter cleaning prices are set below market standards, it is not sustainable. For you or the business / individual. This means the service provider is likely making profit by cutting costs somewhere else. This could be a number of things:

  • They may have no insurance
  • Low-grade equipment
  • No safety protocols

Whatever corners were cut to make the “business” profitable can ultimately affect the quality of the service you are paying for.

Finding Gutter Cleaning Services Near You

There’s plenty of reasons to get your gutters cleaned and there’s plenty of options available to you in Johnson City, TN. Maybe you don’t have experience? May you don’t have the tools? Or maybe you just don’t feel like cleaning them yourself. If any of these are the case, then go ahead and skip the DIY and hire a professional instead. Here at Keystone Window Cleaning, we offer gutter cleaning and are always more than happy to give your and your a home a free estimate.

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